Monday, April 6, 2009

Makeup look.. hmm


I think I failed on this one.. lol
The N.Y.C color wheel I bought seems like it shouldnt be used for eyeshadow but more for some kind of bronzor.. since it looks a little weird on my eyes. D:
Plus the fact I tried to use the medium brown color on my eyebrows, since I dyed my hair red and my eyebrows are light light blonde, now they look orange.. what a castastrophy.


Anyway the products used were

  • N.Y.C lipstick in Smooch
  • N.Y.C Color wheel
  • Avon liquid eyeliner
  • Anabelle skin true cover up in light
  • Almay eyeliner in black
  • Lash Blast mascara
  • Rimmel lipgloss "shock gloss"
I really need to buy some makeup brushes.. or something :|


  1. I think you look very pretty in this picture. Your eyes look very green, an even darker brown eyeshadow would look nice. Excellent subject for a blog, I will follow and see what other makeup tips you will have for me. Have a great time with it! Love, "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon

  2. lol thanks hun :D Its nice to see someones interested. I have a very small makeup collection at the moment but i'll see what I can make up of my color pallet. ^_^

  3. oh wow you look stunning . personally i dont like lipgloss. but thats becouse i have quite full lips. it looks weird on me :<