Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food for thought- Dogs

So your eatting dinner, pasta. A simple, easy to make and inexpensive dinner. Tastey, whole wheat noodles, mushroom and cheese tomato sauce and a sprinkle of paramisain.
The dogs sitting beside you staring up at your plate whinning, and you figure you cant eat the rest of your food.. what do you do? Give it to the dog because you feel bad. Most people think its perfectly okay to feed your dog people food, hey even I'm guilty of feeding my boyfriends dog jack (photo <--). I found a list of foods which are highly poisonous to animals, when they are fine for us. Alot of them ARENOT listed on these websites so I highlyadvise you not feed the dog. There are cases where if an animal eats too many bread/grain products with alot of yest can bloat and in some cases need to have surgery to get the air bubbles/fluid released. Apple cores, or any core of any fruit is also highly toxic to dogs and may cause them to vomit or have direhea. In some cases, these foods can cause seazuires unexpectedly which could possible kill your dog, these CAN happen while your at school or at work and you would never know.
Onions and mushrooms are HIGHLY toxic to dogs, meaning even spices like onion salt can invok vomitting.

Although there are foods dogs CAN eat so I will post a list.

*Lean cooked chicken
*Some vegetables

*Raw meat
*Bones (inless dog treat bones)


  1. I'd like to see a source saying raw meat is bad for dogs considering its a part of their natural diet. The rest are kind of a common sense thing, minus chocolate which I thought was well known as a no-no for dogs.

    Salt and fat are fucking awful for everyone, so no shock there.

    But yeah, source?

    - Brendan

  2. Raw meat cant be eatten by domestiated dogs.. it has to be cooked. Thier bodies arent used to it..